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Crystal Garden Landscaping

Generally when you seek advice from landscapers they have a core background in one of the many skill sets required for our profession. Fortunately our business can offer the complete range of skills that are required for modern day landscaping.

Gone are the days when landscaping was 90% greenscape and 10% hard. With the changes to modern lifestyles we no longer want to spend 1 day per week gardening and blocks are now so much smaller. Customers are therefore requiring low maintenance, outdoor living areas, with high impact. Areas that have a wow factor and are ideal for entertaining. We are skilled at designing these types of outdoor rooms.

The combination of Greg’s experience and plant knowledge and Dirk’s building experience and attention to detail ensures the client gets good value for money. On the first consultation we try to find all the wants and needs that the clients are trying to achieve when commissioning landscaping works. From there we proceed to the initial planning and development, which we also cost so that at the next consultation we are all aware of the budget .

Whether it is a large project or a small makeover we can produce the design, building and ongoing care with regular maintenance from start to finish, also establishing a relationship that is beneficial for all of us.

We get excited when we are building someone’s outdoor areas and too see our clients share in the excitement makes our business very rewarding.

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